Rephaim Series

Descent: Book One of the Rephaim Series

Descent--ebookSometimes the wrong choice is the only one that makes sense…

When Captain Fomor leads his unit of six angelic warriors to Earth in an attempt to escape the war in Heaven, not only do they unwittingly set into motion the age of legends, but they must face an inescapable evil that threatens to destroy them, the humans they fall in love with, and the Earth itself.

Creating a new life on antediluvian Earth is nowhere near as simple as Fomor’s team had hoped it would be. A tragedy occurs early in their sojourn, which convinces the seven that they must avoid both humans and fallen angels. But when they unexpectedly meet with the Nephilim, a tribe of unusual humans with unknown origins, the results are unprecedented. However, falling in love with humans is the least of The Unit’s problems.

Mankind is descending into a maelstrom of violence and profane religion. The Fallen, angels transformed into demons by their rebellion, have regrouped and are using the tattered remnants of their power to prey upon humankind in horrific ways.  Not only is a demon demanding human sacrifice in a nearby village, but the world is careening towards a global disaster that not even The Unit can stop. This first book in the Rephaim fantasy series is part adventure, part romance and a completely epic battle between the best and worst creation has to offer.

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Sacrifice: Book Two of the Rephaim Series

Sacrifice_eBOOK_20141203Fulfilling one’s destiny requires sacrifice…

Escaping a global catastrophe, angel-human hybrid, Shahara, lands safely in Babylon with her beloved Volot, an angel with a sacred mission. But the victory is a hollow one, for the world she knew has been obliterated. Battered by the loss of her family and the denial of her most cherished dreams, Shahara’s new life begins to disintegrate as she is lured by promises of power and fulfillment into the violent, blood-soaked ambitions of a ruthless enemy. With her marriage shattered and countless lives hanging in the balance, Shahara must make a devastating choice.  Can she survive her decision, or will victory require the ultimate sacrifice? By turns romantic, suspenseful and terrifying, this epic fantasy treads the knife edge of human frailty and superhuman courage.

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Illusion: Book Three of the Rephaim Series

IllusionCover1bHow do you tell what’s true, when the illusion is real?

As a couple, Gwyneth and Jotun aren’t conventional, or even completely human, but they are happy. Then a global disaster forces them to escape through The Shift, that dark space in between worlds where anything might happen, and does. When they are separated by the very force they hoped would save them, Jotun and Gwyneth find a modern city full of unfamiliar faces, advanced technology and secret enemies. Each must fight against deception and unravel the goals of opposing factions, separating truth from illusion in a bid to save each other and a world that seems bent on self-destruction. Suspenseful, action-packed and often funny, Illusion is the third in an epic Fantasy series that combines high-stakes adventure with the complexities of the human mind and heart.

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