The Elan Series

The Elan Series

The Elan Series is the story of Tara McAllister and Derek Williams, predestined lovers who choose to be together despite society’s ideas of right and wrong.

ECHO: Book 1 in The Elan Series

Echo final

He’s the one she’s been dreaming of, but is he the one she’s destined to be with?

Tara McAllister has her life figured out: graduate from college, get a job teaching at her old high school, and find a boyfriend that won’t care that she’s a practicing witch. Everything is falling into place…until the visions begin. Tara’s practice has given her a gift–she sees the future. And for her, it includes a gorgeous man that she’s never met but definitely knows. She can feel it. Now all she has to do is find him.

Derek Williams just wants to get by. He goes to school, works to help support his family, and enjoys the occasional party with his friends—as long as his gift doesn’t create a ruckus. Derek is an empath, born to feel what others feel and able to change their emotions with a touch. His inherited gift comes with an added benefit—the ability to find his soul mate, the one person he’s meant to be with. And he’s found her; he just has to keep her.

As their relationship heats up and their gifts grow stronger, Tara and Derek must overcome disapproving family members, former flames, and a secret that could ruin them both, if their love is to survive.


Whisper: Book 1.5 in the Elan Series

Whisper Final 2 They’re strength lies in each other.

Tara McAllister and Derek Williams have chosen to continue their relationship, despite the age difference…and the legalities. Together, they strive to surmount the obstacles they faced over the summer only to be confronted by new attacks from past enemies and the whispers about their possible attraction.


BLUR: Book 2 in The Elan Series

Blur final

Joined by an ancient magic, their love was predestined. Now, that fragile bond is in danger of being shattered.

Tara McAllister has come to terms with her soul mate being underage and a student in her class. She knows that it’s illegal, but legalities are inconsequential where the heart’s concerned. The soul deep connection that drew them together over the summer has strengthened. Just as she feels comfortable enough to dream about a future with her élan, one life-altering moment threatens to rip her happiness from her grasp.

Derek Williams chose to pursue the one woman who made his whole existence worthwhile, despite the fact that she was older and his teacher. Once he convinces her that they are meant for each other, he finally feels at peace planning their future together. Then one night and one misstep jeopardize everything they’ve built together and fought for.

Tara and Derek’s love story—the story that explores the balance between what’s right and what matters—continues in BLUR, Book 2 in The Élan Series.


BOUND: Book 3 in The Elan Series

BOUND, Book 3 in The Elan Series, is the riveting finale to Tara and Derek’s story, though no story that involves true love and soul mates is ever complete. BOUND  is slated for a Summer release. Check back often for updates on this final installment of The Elan Series.