Cheri Roman and Rai Yates of Brass Rag Press have an eye and ear for the written word. Working with them for the past three years has vastly improved my writing. Their editing critiques have illuminated for me not only grammatical and punctuation errors but also inaccuracies in style and content. Cheri is most adept at identifying areas of writing that need tightening and clarifying while Rai’s specialty is catching fractures in flow and logic. Their insightfulness and professionalism are invaluable to any writer that desires a polished final product worthy of publication.

Tracie Roberts
Author of the Elan Series

My experience with Cheri Roman’s editing has left me with vastly improved manuscripts. Because Cheri is a “brainy” editor (in my opinion), she not only catches the basic errors in a manuscript (grammar, punctuation, etc.) but more importantly for me, she points out style inconsistencies, character fluctuations, plausibility problems and point of view shifts, too.
When she edits my work, Cheri keeps my original voice intact while helping me to “lift up” the prose—all the while pointing out sections or sentences that are weak or unclear. One of her favorite lines (and I hear it a lot) is “tighten and clarify.” It’s advice that’s helped me immensely in my writing.
Plus, as an editor, Cheri is very supportive. It’s a lot easier to hear your work needs more depth or that it’s drowning in backstory dump when you also hear you have a gift for dialogue or that your first chapter nails it. I think it’s important to have someone you trust who is also really astute to see what you’re too close to see. Since so much of what we do as writers is subjective, it’s difficult to know when you got something “right.” With Cheri Roman in my corner, I can move on to the next chapter or the next WIP knowing exactly where I am and what I have to do.
I believe it takes a smart, experienced editor who can see your work from every angle to make the real difference in your writing. And that is exactly what I have in Cheri Roman.

Susan Kiernan-Lewis
Author of the Maggie Newberry Mystery Series

Cheri has drawn my attention to many grammatical fixes and has opened my eyes to details within my story. Her style of asking questions, dissecting and piecing together my story-line has a way of sparking a brainstorm, helping me to enrich my story for the reader.

Cynthia Enuton is the author of Angel in a Fur Coat. She can be found at Fur Angels Customized