Professional Development Review: Amazon Ad Profit Challenge

We’ve all seen them. Those ads for “free” courses or products that promise to change your life, improve your profits or make you irresistible to the partner of your choice. And we have all been disappointed by “seminars” that spend … Continue reading

Must Haves for the Indie Author, Part Four: The Office

Some writers build a free-standing office in their backyard. Every writer needs a dedicated space for writing. I have an author friend who converted her walk-in closet to a writing space. Another one partitioned off the corner of her bedroom. … Continue reading

Must-Haves for the Indie Author, Part Three: Marketing

…marketing is a multi-headed beast. For many authors, marketing is a multi-headed beast. A necessary, bewildering, ever-changing and confusing evil providing cascades of frustration and angst on a daily basis. Wait. That might be just me. In any case, it … Continue reading