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The Alvarium Experiment

Gaia Returning

What if the alien returning to Earth, was you?

cl-roman_gaia_finalPirates steal things. It’s what they do…
When Captain Irina Demyanov’s first mate disobeys orders and steals the crown jewels of a vengeful alien race, she knows she’s out of options. Desperate to escape, Irina takes her chances on a dangerous vortex leap and lands near an unnamed, yet strangely familiar planet. The gamble may have paid off, but between hostile inhabitants and inevitable discovery by their pursuers, the pirates’ chances of survival appear slim. Can the human remnant find refuge, or will their enemies put a permanent end to the human race?

This Sci-Fi adventure is  part of the combined efforts of  ten accomplished and award-winning authors, who unite to interpret how humankind would react to the arrival of extraterrestrials who happen to be human. The stories range in setting from recent history to far future. Each story is $0.99 each in the Kindle Store.

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Earth and Fire

EAF-ebookThere is a universal law of unintended consequences…

The wise know that every action has the potential, like a stone dropped into still water, to send out ripples that will touch unknown shores. Decisions, whether great or small, change destinies.

In Earth and Fire, a witch must face her greatest challenge to save her warlock. While trying to temper justice with mercy, she passes an unanticipated burden on to her descendants. Three generations later, a foul-mouthed enchanted bottle, a fledgling romance and a conniving succubus collide in a series of confrontations fated to produce a shattering conclusion.

Outcast and alone, pixies Pogo and Nip set out to find a place for themselves in a mid-winter world. All they really want is a little warmth. What they find is a lifelong connection that reveals the mystical link between gift and giver in Natural Magic.

In these and other stories, the characters in this collection ignore the truth at their peril. Whether they are witches, pixies, bards or con-men, everyone bends to the law of unintended consequences.

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