The Outcast Angels Series

Catalyst: An Outcast Angels Novella

Cover by Wit and Whimsy Cover Design

Sometimes the wrong choice is the only one that makes sense.

Lucifer and the Fallen are in open rebellion against the Maker of the Universe. The Maker and most of his angels are fighting back with all the power of the cosmos.  The Rephaim, angels who view all angels as their siblings, have abstained from the fight.

Stuck between love and loyalty, Fomor and his six celestial companions have no good options. In desperation they escape to Earth, only to find that the war has followed them, and the Fallen are bent on destroying every human in their path.

But even the best choices have consequences… 

When a child is taken for sacrifice, the angels fight to save him, but they may have chosen too late. In this epic battle between good and evil, the players are not always what they seem, and the stakes are higher than even Fomor and his companions can imagine.

This prequel to the Outcast Angels series begins at the beginning – setting the stage for an epic battle that good may not be able to win.

Descent: An Outcast Angels Novel

Cover by Wit & Whimsy Cover Designs

Escaping heaven was only the beginning. 

Faced with the choice between fighting in a war they never wanted or betraying their maker, Fomor and his angelic companions escaped to Earth and became the Rephaim. After decades of wandering, they find a new home, and a new purpose in protecting the humans they have come to love.

But evil cannot be avoided, it must be destroyed…

When demonic forces bring Heaven’s war to Earth, threatening to enslave humankind and create supernatural soldiers with blood sacrifices, honor and love demand that the Rephaim fight back. But the battle will cost them more than they know, and one of their own will pay an ultimate price.

As the fate of the Earth and her inhabitants hangs in the balance, Fomor and his companions must win the fight for their new lives or watch as the world is annihilated.

Poised on cliff-edge of fantasy and history, this epic adventure does not disappoint.

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Sacrifice: An Outcast Angels Novel

Cover by Wit & Whimsy Cover Designs

Fulfilling one’s destiny requires sacrifice.

Fleeing a global catastrophe, Shahara lands safely in Babylon with her beloved Volot, an angel with a sacred mission. But the victory is a hollow one, for the world she knew has been obliterated. Battered by the loss of her family and the denial of her most cherished dreams, Shahara’s new life begins to disintegrate as she is lured by promises of power and fulfillment into the violent, blood-soaked ambitions of a ruthless enemy.

With each step down a darker path, Shahara learns that evil may give with one hand, but it takes with the other. And betrayal is the price of admission.

The path to power is littered with the bones of the innocent…

With her marriage shattered and countless lives hanging in the balance, Shahara must make a devastating choice. Can she survive her decision, or will victory require the ultimate sacrifice?

By turns romantic, suspenseful and terrifying, this epic fantasy treads the knife edge of human frailty and superhuman courage.

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Illusion: An Outcast Angels Novel

Cover by Wit & Whimsy Cover Designs

When past and present collide, someone is bound to get hurt. 

Gwyneth and Jotun aren’t conventional, or even completely human, but they are happy. Then a global disaster forces them to escape through The Shift, that dark space in between worlds where anything might happen — and does.

What matters is how fast you can heal…

When they are separated by the very force they hoped would save them, Jotun and Gwyneth find a modern world full of unfamiliar faces, advanced technology, and secret enemies. Each must fight against deception and unravel the goals of opposing factions, separating truth from illusion in a bid to save each other and a world that seems bent on self-destruction.

The third installment in the Outcast Angels series combines ancient Norse mythology with modern dangers. Adventure, romance and a splash of comedy make for the heart-stopping continuation of an epic fantasy series that will keep you turning pages long after your bedtime.

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