The Witch of Forsythe High Series

First Candidate: Book One in the Witch of Forsythe High Series

WOFH11B cover Dangerous choices…

Julian “Juju” Ramirez has one goal, take care of his little brother, Terry. Selling weed at Forsythe High looks like the perfect means to that end. He plans to stake out his territory early and work hard. But Julian has a secret that threatens to tear his plans, and maybe his life, to shreds. Between the local thugs, a drug cartel and the shifty DEA Agent who all want a piece of Julian’s action, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone left to trust, especially not Ms. Fischer, the strange teacher with a few secrets of her own.

At Forsythe High nothing is what it seems. Can Julian unravel the secrets before it’s too late? This paranormal young adult adventure treads the desperate, dangerous line between doing what we must and doing what is right.

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Fire Candidate: Book two in the Witch of Forsythe High Series

firecandidatefinal Learning the truth about yourself is the hardest lesson of all…

From the outside, it looks like Lila Stuart has a pretty good life. A strong family, good friends and a wonderful boyfriend. But very little is as it seems. Adopted as an infant, she has never known her birth mother. Her boyfriend is pressuring her to deal drugs at their high school and the consequences for defying him are frightening. Then, at her fifteenth birthday party, she discovers a dangerous, secret power. Now she is being hunted by a demonic force that will stop at nothing to see her enslaved. Driven from her home, her only hope of safety lies in starting over, and learning to control the power that terrifies her. Can she accept her destiny, or will it destroy her and everything she holds dear? This paranormal young adult thriller explores the path of self-knowledge and the cost of self-control.

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Coming in Winter of 2016

Ghost Candidate: Book Three in the Witch of Forsythe High Series

gccover4 Revealing your true self is risky…

Ghost Thompson is an athlete with a secret. One he’s managed to keep since he was fifteen. But in his senior year of high school, things are changing. A new girl and new friends are forcing him to confront his abilities and responsibilities. When an evil entity begins pursuing a terrifying agenda that promises destruction on a national scale, he, Lila and Juju must band together to stop it. Will they find a way to defeat the forces that seek to corrupt them, or will they be enslaved forever? This paranormal YA adventure walks the razor’s edge between self-preservation and the consequences of choosing honor above all else.