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Second Chance

Suwannee Bridge in Suwannee, FL

Not everyone is lucky enough to get a second chance at first love.


Katie was a good girl heading down a bad road. Ever since her mom passed away, Katie had pushed the limits of authority—skipping school, breaking curfew—and her grandma had had enough. The summer she turned fifteen, Katie was sent to stay with her Aunt Maggie in Cypress Springs, Florida. What was meant as a punishment turned into the summer of her first love.

Danny was Cypress Spring’s bad boy with a gentle heart. At seventeen, he was used to taking care of himself; he’d been doing it for years. He had learned to never let anyone get close…until Katie. She was the one girl who could teach him to love again, if his wild streak didn’t break her heart in the process.


When Aunt Maggie’s invitation to spend the summer at her river house brings Katie back to Cypress Springs, a chance meeting with Danny reignites the promise of that summer seven years ago. But can they overcome the heartbreak and betrayals of the past to give their first love a second chance?

Whisper: The Elan Series Book 1.5

Whisper is a 25,000 word novella that shares what happened after Tara’s assault and rescue in ECHO, and the consequences of Derek and Tara continuing their relationship. One story-line that is explained a little more is Derek’s sister, Dori’s, dislike for magic. The reader finds out why she is the way she is, to an extent. I think Dori Williams may have her own novel in the future.

Whisper should be released by mid-April


Check back often for information about the second novella, Shadow, in The Elan Series Novellas. The book will fill in the blanks in the year-and-a-half time span between BLUR and BOUND.

The Supernatural Adventures of Jesse Carpenter

This Young Adult series revolves around Bible heroes that live as teenagers during the twenty-first century. The goal of this series is to introduce young adults who wouldn’t otherwise know about the Bible to characters they can relate to.  It will also highlight the supernatural side of God (and Jesus) in our everyday lives.

Check back often for updates on this supernatural YA series.

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