Please Refrain From Imploding

Every profession has its issues. For writers, one of the issues is distractions. Even necessary things like eating, interaction with family and research can, if allowed to reign unchecked, wreak havoc with a writer’s work ethic. Because let’s face it, distractions are fun, usually, while writing can be a large load of hard work. Most authors prefer not to implode, and therefore they write.

Most authors prefer not to implode, therefore, they write.

The option of chasing a distraction can be a welcome respite. If one can convince oneself that the distraction is actually a part of the writing, as in the case of research, well, that’s a bonus, isn’t it?

Still, in the interest of getting more words out of your head and down onto the page, it might be a good idea to structure your time.

Some possibilities for that structure?

Schedule your research time just like your writing time. This can be one day a week, one hour a day, in the evenings while schlumping in front of the TV, etc. Instead of chasing that research rabbit in the middle of a writing sessions, insert a placeholder such as: <research ancient cosmetics>

Stop looking at the adorable bunny and finish reading.

Later, after you’ve researched the issue at the proper time, you can search your manuscript with the search feature for “ancient cosmetics,” and place your information, all without unduly interrupting your writing time.

Social media and marketing can be handled in a similar fashion. Schedule an appropriate amount of time for routine jobs such as setting up ads and scheduling social media posts. Again, that evening schlump can be put to good use without straining your writing schedule.

The point is to schedule the time and handle the work then, rather than allowing it to intrude on the words you need to transfer from your head to the page, hence preventing author brain implosion.

Just for fun: Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used ground up carmine beetles to make lipstick? Kind of makes you want to rethink your beauty regimen, doesn’t it?

Rethinking the beauty regimen?

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