Professional Development Review: Amazon Ad Profit Challenge

We’ve all seen them. Those ads for “free” courses or products that promise to change your life, improve your profits or make you irresistible to the partner of your choice.

And we have all been disappointed by “seminars” that spend half of their allotted time telling you how much you’re going to learn, one-third explaining why what you’re going to learn is so valuable, two-tenths repeating the statement, “but before I tell you that,” and then give you something you already knew in whatever time they have left, but only after doing their level best to convince you to buy whatever it is they are actually selling.

One free training that does not disappoint.

But Bryan Cohen‘s Free Five-Day Amazon Ad Challenge is different. From day zero, I was learning. (Turns out there are six days rather than five. Day zero being prep work for the remainder of the challenge.)

Author, Podcaster, Coach

On day zero, Bryan does his level best to set you up for success by making sure you have the correct account and other materials you will need to complete the challenge. Day one is spent learning the first type of ad, day two you learn another kind of ad (and here’s where he really took off) and on day three, you learn a third kind of ad. By this point, I’d learned how to easily put together three ads, two of which I had no idea existed before I started the challenge.

There is a pitch for people to sign on for his five-module course, but that doesn’t come until the end of day three after he’s already given participants a healthy helping of value.

I wish now that I had done this blog post earlier in the challenge, but I wanted to be sure of the value before I talked about it. What I can say is that Bryan has an easy, informative style. He isn’t boring, he doesn’t talk over your head, and he doesn’t try to sell you things you don’t need. I’m looking into his books and will report back on what I find. In the meantime, if he does this challenge again, I highly recommend it.

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