♦     My experience with Cheri Roman’s editing has left me with vastly improved manuscripts. Because Cheri is a “brainy” editor (in my opinion), she not only catches the basic errors in a manuscript (grammar, punctuation, etc.) but more importantly for me, she points out style inconsistencies, character fluctuations, plausibility problems and point of view shifts, too.
When she edits my work, Cheri keeps my original voice intact while helping me to “lift up” the prose—all the while pointing out sections or sentences that are weak or unclear. One of her favorite lines (and I hear it a lot) is “tighten and clarify.” It’s advice that’s helped me immensely in my writing.
Plus, as an editor, Cheri is very supportive. It’s a lot easier to hear your work needs more depth or that it’s drowning in backstory dump when you also hear you have a gift for dialogue or that your first chapter nails it. I think it’s important to have someone you trust who is also really astute to see what you’re too close to see. Since so much of what we do as writers is subjective, it’s difficult to know when you got something “right.” With Cheri Roman in my corner, I can move on to the next chapter or the next WIP knowing exactly where I am and what I have to do.
I believe it takes a smart, experienced editor who can see your work from every angle to make the real difference in your writing. And that is exactly what I have in Cheri Roman.

Susan Kiernan-Lewis
Author of the Maggie Newberry Mystery Series

♦     Cheri has drawn my attention to many grammatical fixes and has opened my eyes to details within my story. Her style of asking questions, dissecting and piecing together my story-line has a way of sparking a brainstorm, helping me to enrich my story for the reader.

Cynthia Enuton is the author of Angel in a Fur Coat. She can be found at Fur Angels Customized

♦     Thank you for your editing of my synopsis. Your feedback helped me make a fundamental shift forward in my understanding of the how different elements of story building go together and help drive a narrative forward. I look forward to working with you again in the future,

Kathy Durfee, Author

♦     Cheri Roman with Brass Rag Press did an amazing job editing my manuscript. Thank you for providing such constructive feedback and for being so thorough. I was blown away by the attentive detail given to my manuscript. I will admit, it was a little overwhelming at first seeing all of the comments throughout my story. As I went through each and every comment and notation, I found them to be very well thought out, detailed, and most of all constructive. There were many things identified that I would not have caught myself. As an author, you become blind to your own work, so having your manuscript edited is a must. Not only did I receive my manuscript filled with constructive edits, comments, and feedback, I also received an evaluation page. The evaluation provided a high-level overview, summarizing key areas to focus on. The tips, comments, and recommendations are great to refer to before, during, and after the post-edit manuscript updates. It’s nice to use the evaluation as a final checklist to make sure all identified areas are addressed before finally saying “I’m done!” I felt the editing was very personalized. Cheri really took the time to read, evaluate, and digest my story. She did this all while keeping to a reasonable timeline.

Valerie Puri, author of paranormal, horror, and suspense. She and her work can be found on her website.

For MaeLeigh Author Academy:

How many times have you said, “I could write a book on that.” When I retired from education, I began my writing journey. After spending thousands of dollars working with big, ranked companies, I emailed Cheri Roman and Tracie Roberts, established authors as well as former co-workers in education. They agreed to help me and became my editors, cover designers, and instructors.

Many famous writers offer expensive programs to help someone write a book. However, their programs do not teach the process. It is a self-learn program. They provide videos and worksheets. They do not offer an evaluation of your writing.

Cheri and Tracie shorten the learning curve for beginning writers. Their training conferences provide knowledge, do’s and don’ts of publishing, and encouragement. I especially love their editing services.

This duo should be your first call. They are the best.

Mary Buchanan, author, and educator. You can find Mary’s books on her website.