Three Ways to Fill the Well

We – meaning the family and I, but I’m sure the statement can be applied universally – have been busy lately.

We had visitors, and took a trip to Disney. Both great things and I enjoyed them very much, but neither was conducive to keeping up with a weekly blogging schedule. Add in doctor appointments and the regular everyday routine, and I’m sure you get the picture. 

The long and short is, not a lot of writing got done. As in, none. Zero. Which I could sit around feeling bad about, if I wanted. 

Don’t worry. I don’t want. 

Because the truth is, it’s good to step away once in a while. The mind and the soul need to rest on occasion, and it’s smart to pay attention to that.

A lot of writers talk about “filling the creative well,” and there are a couple of ways to do that.

Way #1:

Take a day trip to a new place, or revisit a favorite. One of my faves is Saint Augustine. This is the oldest continuously occupied city in the U.S. At various stages of its long history, it has belonged to no less than three different countries, including the United States,  and it teams with history, art and culture. Not to mention a number of ghosts. 

Way #2

Indulge in a different art form. I know it sounds counter-intuitive to say to create in order to refill your creativity, but it works. I love quilting. The fabrics, the colors, the myriad designs one can use to make something beautiful as well as functional – these elements appeal to me in a fundamental way. And working with my hands refreshes my mind. Whether you enjoy painting, photography, pottery or something that doesn’t start with a P, you will find that it does the same for you.

Way #3

Read. Your genre, or something else, but for pleasure. Reading resets the mind and nourishes the soul, enhancing creativity and adding inspiration. 

You can also take time with friends, in nature or enjoying some entertainment such as a movie or a concert. Anything that you enjoy which gives your mind and spirit a break. 

Whatever you choose, make it a priority. Your soul, and your writing, will benefit from it.

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